My last post was about mastering some of my skills. How do I build relationships? How do I build on the skills I have right now? Why don’t I ever go to the next level? One simple push is all it would take.

Yesterday, I was wasting time on Instagram. Someone had posted a picture of their *master* work for their knitting certification. My brain said, “What the what?” I didn’t think there was such a thing out there. I believed, as most probably do, knitting was something passed down by grandmothers. That really can’t be true because I taught myself to knit from youtube.

Did the universe send this opportunity my way to show me I can master a skill? Or am I just hyperfocused on killing time and it was a complete coincidence? I don’t know. I know that I asked for an opportuinity and it was presented to me. I’m going to take it.

I joined the guild. When I am back to making money, I will join the basics class. I know how to cast on one way. I have trouble with, well, a lot of techniques. My intention was to improve my skills in many areas. Now, I need to set my intentions into motion. Who knows where it will lead.




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