Honk the horn. They will know you are in here if you honk the horn. There’s no horn. There’s no steering wheel. I have to get out of here. I’m upside down. Ok. I’m upside down. That means everything is in a different place. Where’s the seat belt? There it is. I push the button and reach for the door handle. That’s right. I’m upside down. The handle is not there. I grab for it. Wait. My phone. I need my phone to call Kris. I crawl around inside the car for a minute. There’s my phone. I grab it and head for the door.

I crawl out of the door. I look up. There they come. Where did they come from? They just appeared. “Ok. Just stay there, ” someone says. Take my phone call my husband. Tell him I’m sorry. “M’am. Is anyone in the car?” No. Thank God. Who is talking to me? Where did these men come from? “Sir, your wife has been in accident. You need to get to the hospital now.” That man is in the distance. Where is he? ”

“I’m going to lay you down,”  the voice says to me. “Don’t move your neck.” I lay there wondering if I have a brain bleed. “BP is 140/86. Pulse is 110. Respirations 30.” Ok. I’m not in hypovolemic shock. Probably no bleeding. “Do you know where you are?” No. I think I’m on 75. Did I say that out loud? “Do you know your name?” Jennifer. “Good. What day is it, Jennifer.” I don’t know. Let me think. April. Thursday. I think. My head hurts. Something is in my ear. “She’s a&o x 3.” No brain bleed. Why does my head hurt so bad?

“She’s a nursing student. Here’s her bag.”

” Ok. Let’s get her in the bus.”


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