April 27, 2016

This was the last day of my life as I planned it. On that day, I woke up at 10:3oam. I worked the night before. I was exhausted, but that’s the norm when you are a nursing student. My routine is to get up, take the dog out, then make breakfast. Being a nursing student, I never missed an opportunity to study. The morning was spent studying. At 3, I went to work. That was the last day.

Thursday April 28th started as usual. Dog out. Food in belly. Off to school. I spent 4 hours in a class I didn’t need. It’s a long drive down there. 4 hours a day driving. I left early. I was tired. I had to study.

At 4pm, I crossed over the Ohio-Michigan border. My husband called. I had him on bluetooth. We talked about everyday stuff. We would go for dinner when I got home. I complained about my day being so long. I hung up the phone. I looked at the clock 4:20. I figured I’d be home by 6. I still had time to eat, read, and sleep.

I notice the car in front of me isn’t moving. It doesn’t have brake lights. I don’t have time to stop. I cut the wheel.

Why can’t I move? Where’s my phone? I need to get out of here.


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